Paint Color Consultation With A Color Consultant

Yorktown Painting Color Consultants can help turn your home into a masterpiece you’ll be proud of. We can provide insight on the latest color trends, match your pre-existing décor, guide in finding your own personal style and/or just give a second opinion on the color choices you’ve already made.
Color consulting with our clients is always a very collaborative process. Clients may need just a little design direction or may be starting off with a completely blank slate and only have architectural plans to work from. We assess where they are in the process and let them use us as little or as much as they need. Often we’ll come up with a flat fee for the entire project.
A professional designer will visit your home, ask you questions and take a look at the space. We’ll make sure that you choose the right colors for you — and that you will love your choices now and for years to come.

Contact Us

If you are ready to work with a professional color consultant who knows how to achieve the perfect hue and mood for your home, please contact or call us today at 914-837-7301.

Hire a House Painter Near You

Gone are the days of handling multiple estimates and spending your time on walkthroughs with house painters! You can book your job online or over the phone. With your project, not only do you get a house painter, but you also get a dedicated Project Manager. They will be available to support you every step of the way, whether you need any last-minute changes or help to answer any questions about your paint job.

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